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Because people deserve great workplaces and workplaces deserve great people.

Transform the workplace culture you have into the workplace culture you want.

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Is your Organisation Authentic?

The real test of Authenticity is whether you are genuinely working towards aligning the things you do, say, think and ​decide with the culture you want to have.
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Transforming Workplace Culture

This podcast is dedicated to helping leaders move from the workplace culture they have to the workplace culture they want (and need).
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Managing Poor Performance

The ultimate goal for any organisation is Authenticity – a values based culture where motivated and engaged employees produce sustained and exceptional results. Understand the true cost of underperformance, identify the reasons it occurs and, most importantly, learn specific strategies and tools for managing poor performance in your team.

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General Manager
General ManagerNational Battery Company
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"The Real Learning Experience and their services are a key part of our ongoing staff development plans and I wholeheartedly recommend their services to any business that is serious about staff training and development."
Senior Manager
Senior ManagerHealth Sector
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"I should have done this workshop 20 years ago. As a new manager it would have definitely helped me do A LOT of things differently."
So why is Authenticity Important?

Because people deserve great workplaces, ​and workplaces deserve great people.