Activity Based Learning

Highly engaging programs that can be used as stand alone events or as part of ongoing development programs.
Bring learning to life and allowing participants to learn by reflecting on the outcomes of their own actions and choices.

Lasseter’s Reef, A Quest for Gold™
As in real life, teams in Lasseter’s Reef, must do specific things to achieve exceptional results. To achieve those results, teams must plan effectively, withstand pressure, deal with limited resources and stiff competition, and respond to the unknown. The debrief helps participants translate ‘lessons from the desert’ into concrete understandings and actions to improve team performance.

The Lost Civilisation of the Olmec™
Participants in Olmec are challenged to achieve exceptional results while working with designated values. They face urgent deadlines, constantly changing circumstances, competitive pressure – and make constant decisions about the way they choose to interact with other. The debrief provides feedback on both their bottom-line results and the way they interacted – and applies those messages to their everyday working environment.

Archipelago All At Sea™
As participants settle into a comfortable experience in Archipelago, everything changes and teams need to adapt to new situations, different group dynamics and the need to maintain a focus on outcomes despite the upheaval around them. The debrief focuses on applying the strategies people learn, to the constant changes they face in their workplaces – and maintaining results and team morale throughout those changes.