Becoming Authentic

Your organisation becomes Authentic when you realign the things you DO, SAY, THINK and DECIDE with the culture you want to have. Fortunately, there are predictable reasons for the gap between your IDEAL workplace culture and the one you REALLY HAVE. Closing the gap means realigning at four levels.

Authentic Organisations
Refining processes, policies, systems, and structures to ensure they are aligned with the behaviours you want to see and the culture you want to shape.
Authentic Leaders
Developing leaders with empowering leadership styles, crystal clear self-knowledge, strong self-management, and strategies and skills to create a climate in which people thrive.
Authentic Teams
Building teams that collaborate, communicate, and inspire the best from each team member.
Authentic Contributors
Fostering individuals who are motivated, engaged, and focused, come to work to do and be their best, and put the bigger picture before their individual needs.
Free Resource

Authenticity Brochure

Our two-page brochure is useful to share with your team, or to retain as a useful HR resource. It outlines why your workplace culture is critical, what Authenticity is, how to tell if your organisation is Authentic and how your organisation can become more Authentic.