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We conduct Culture Audits and Surveys, refine your Values and consult to create Cultural Alignment

Culture change can feel like navigating a maze – in the dark! Leaders need a strategy (the map) and support (a light)

With you every step of the way

If you invest in the development of your people without being strategic and without addressing systemic issues, the outcomes will be less effective. Our consulting services address three specific areas, intergral to shaping your ideal culture.

Define your ideal culture by implementing (or refining) a values Framework

that is representative of the people in the organisation, drives decisions and behaviour that support the culture you are creating, and that become embedded in everyday practice.

By using research based psychometric Assessments

to define your ideal culture, measure the actual culture, quantify the gap and address the factors that cause the gap

Identify and modify systems, policies, and processes

that are not consistent with the culture you are creating or that act as blocks when your people try to apply what they have learned through training and coaching.

Free Resource

Services & Solutions Brochure

Our Services and Solutions brochure is packed with information to share with your team, or to retain as a useful HR resource. It outlines why your workplace culture is critical, what Authenticity is, how to tell if your organisation is Authentic and how your organisation can become more Authentic.