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My passion is helping organisations transform the workplace culture they have into the workplace culture they want

because people deserve great workplaces, and workplaces deserve great people.

I will inspire your leaders and teams to be Authentic – to align the things they do, think, say and decide with the workplace culture you are striving to create

I have spent three decades developing leaders,

building teams and shaping high performance workplace cultures for my clients – while also being an executive leader myself, which means my messages are grounded in reality and lived experience.

My keynote presentations are packed with relatable messages that your people will apply to create exceptional workplaces and outstanding results, demystify and transform workplace culture, and develop the leadership that your organisation, your teams and your people need.

As a learning professional, I understand just how critical relevance is – no matter how inspiring the presentation, unless your people can connect the message with their everyday reality, nothing will change. I work with you to customise a presentation for your event and to hit the notes that your people need to hear. These are some of my most popular keynotes.

Authenticity Culture Shaping Framework

In 2019, after more than two decades working with corporate, government and not-for-profit organisations all over the world, I created the Authenticity (link to animation) framework. It was the culmination of extensive research and decades working with leaders and workplace culture in thousands of organisations.

As CEO of The Real Learning Experience, my team and I implement the Authenticity framework to help organisations transform the workplace culture they have, into the workplace culture they want.