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Plenty in 20 Learning Springs for Leaders

We are changing it up in 2024

You gave us feedback, and we listened!! You LOVE Plenty in 20, but it could be even better. So, for 2024

  • Each webinar will have the same 20 minute, value packed format – but now you can view them on demand – whenever it suits you rather than being locked into a specific time
  • Instead of registering separately for each event, one registration gives you access for the first six months of 2024. Every time a new webinar is uploaded, we will let you know

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Don't just take our word for it...

Hear why leaders are loving our Plenty in 20 webinars each month

“I’ve attended many webinars on leadership, but this 20-minute session stands out. The information was organised and presented in a way that made it easy to absorb. It’s perfect for busy professionals who need quick, effective insights into leadership best practices.”

Timothy R.


“This webinar was a game-changer! In just 20 minutes, I gained valuable insights and practical tips that I can apply immediately. The concise yet powerful delivery kept me engaged throughout. Highly recommended for anyone looking to enhance their leadership skills!”

Michael P


“This leadership webinar exceeded my expectations! The presenter shared valuable nuggets of wisdom that I can apply in my role right away. The brevity of the webinar is a major plus – no time wasted, just pure leadership insights. I left feeling inspired and motivated!”

Chen M.


“I appreciate how this webinar on leadership didn’t waste any time. Every minute was filled with valuable content. The practical tips provided are applicable to leaders at any level. I’ve already implemented some of the strategies shared, and I can see positive changes in my leadership approach.”

Sophie L


“I’m amazed at how much useful information was packed into such a short webinar! The presenter covered key leadership principles with clarity and precision. It’s a must-watch for busy professionals who want to level up their leadership skills without investing hours of their time.”

Raj S.


“Kudos to the presenter for delivering an impactful leadership webinar in such a short time! The session was dynamic and left me with a clear understanding of crucial leadership concepts. I appreciate the focus on actionable strategies that can make an immediate difference in my leadership approach.”