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Welcome to the podcast formerly known as Authenticity, Transforming Workplace Culture.

We decided we need a freshen up and let’s face it – the old name was a bit stiff and starchy. So we looked for something fun, something that described the pod, and something suitable for the hosts.

We totally nerd out on leadership and culture – which is why we are good at them. And Simon is obviously a nerd. Kirralea, less so (at least according to her!).

You’ll still get the same mix of strategies, tips, tools and anecdotes, all based on the lived executive experience and lessons learned from working with thousands of clients around the globe. And, we’ll have some fun while we do it.

flexible work arrangements - a right or a privelage?

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The line between flexible work arrangements and some emerging employee trends is becoming blurred.

On one had, too many employers refuse to offer flexibility because of outdated systems and beliefs – leading to employees being dissatisfied and pushing the boundaries.

On the other hand, insidious trends like quit quitting and being over employed are being used by a small number of employees – leading to cynicism and caution about flexibility from employers.

Who is right? And should flexible working arrangements be a right or a privilege? Listen in to hear what The Culture Nerds think.

Resources referred to in this episode:

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