Podcast: Authenticity - Transforming Workplace Culture

Every effective leader aspires to creating a great workplace culture in their organisation – but it often feels more difficult than it should.

Faced with resistance to necessary change, many leaders compromise on their vision of the ideal culture and inadvertently accept mediocrity. Closing the gap between the workplace culture you have and the workplace culture you want is possible. It happens when you define your ideal culture and then align the things the organisation – and its people at levels – do, say, think and decide, with that ideal.

Authenticity, Transforming Workplace Culture provides the tools, strategies and confidence for leaders to make their ideal workplace culture a reality.

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Managing Poor Performance

The ultimate goal for any organisation is Authenticity – a values based culture where motivated and engaged employees produce sustained and exceptional results. Understand the true cost of underperformance, identify the reasons it occurs and, most importantly, learn specific strategies and tools for managing poor performance in your team.

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