What is Authenticity?

Authenticity is knowing your ideal workplace culture, understanding the reality (your current workplace culture) and committing to strategies to bridge the gap.

What does failing to be Authentic cost you?

High Staff Turnover and Low Morale

Loss of your best team members. Those who stay are less motivated, disengaged and unhappy. They are hard to manage, resist accountability and don’t ‘play nicely’ with their team members. 



Compromised outcomes for end users

Compromised outcomes for the people your organisation serves – which flows through to lower satisfaction, reduced revenue/funding and reputational damage. 




Increased cost and lower revenue

Increased costs, failure to identify and  implement efficiencies, lack of innovation, reduced revenues and profit margins – in other words poor outcomes on all the key metrics.  



Free Resource

Authenticity Brochure

Our two-page brochure is useful to share with your team, or to retain as a useful HR resource. It outlines why your workplace culture is critical, what Authenticity is, how to tell if your organisation is Authentic and how your organisation can become more Authentic.