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Demystifying and Transforming Your Workplace Culture

Most organisations are overwhelmed by their workplace culture. They don't know where to start working on it - and when they get started, they get lost on the journey. Most resort to band-aid measures, fixing obvious but superficial issues while ignoring the underlying issues - which means real cultural change does not occur.

Is your workplace culture:

  • Inspiring great results or supporting a lack of accountability and an acceptance of mediocracy.
  • Influencing team members to go the extra mile 
  • Producing leaders that inspire high performance or that have a knack 

This workshop will help your team:

  • Understand what workplace culture is and how it works – in simple terms 
  • Develop a framework for transforming culture in a strategic way
  • Quantify and communicate your ideal culture
  • Assess the workplace culture you actually have 

This course is ideal for:

  • Organisations are overwhelmed by their workplace culture
  • Don’t know where to begin to start change, and instead get lost on the journey.
  • You have band-aid fixes, you have fixed the obvious but the underlying issues are still there.  

This 90 minute online workshop is designed for leadership teams to participate together and provides a framework to help you transform the workplace culture you have into the workplace culture you want.

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Remember, if the most senior leader and majority of your leadership team cannot commit to this workshop, don’t register.
If there isn’t commitment from the decision makers in your organisation to attend, it is highly unlikely there will be a commitment to implementing and driving change initiatives required to transform your culture.