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What does a great (an Authentic) workplace culture look like? In this episode we welcome our guest Rick Lenarcic, Chief Operating Officer of Grant Broadcasters to discuss the critical things that an organisation needs to focus on in order to achievable sustainable excellence. Spoiler: the bottom line is critical but, on it’s own, not enough.

  • Recap from previous show: Authenticity is about aligning the things we do, say, think and decide with the workplace culture we claim we want to have. Anything else is inauthentic. 
  • Change isn’t easy – and organisations often compromise on the culture they want to create instead of doing the hard yards.
  • If you do what you want to become consistently enough, change occurs.
  • When organisations get too singular in their definition of outcomes and success, people or results – usually both – suffer.
  • Organisations need to prioritise three sets of outcomes:
    1. Outstanding employee experiences: team members have the opportunity to come to work, do their best and make a difference. They feel valued, included and motivated.
    2. Exceptional customer or user experience: they have their actual and emotional needs satisfied, they are likely to do business with us again and recommend us to others.
    3. Bottom line effectiveness: whatever it means in your organisation. For some organisations this is making a profit. For others it is achieving maximum efficiency within a defined budget. For a not for profit (not for loss either), it might be delivering the service they exist to provide while operating in a way that makes them sustainable into the future. For a sporting team it could be winning or achieving a specific ranking. 
  • When results are achieved at all costs, people suffer – internally and externally.
  • When people are prioritised over results, we see mediocrity and lack of accountability.
  • The only sustainable approach is to make all three outcomes a priority.
  • The reality is you don’t often have to compromise between results and people. You can prioritise both by achieving results with and through people. Team members who have a great work experience produce better results and work harder for customers. Customers who have great experiences buy more and more often.

Thanks again to our guest in this episode Rick Lenarcic – Chief Operating Officer of Grant Broadcasters. You can connect with Rick via LinkedIn here.