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We deliver one-off and ongoing programs to develop leaders, build teams and grow individuals.

People should love learning. And workshops should enhance workplace effectiveness, not be an interruption. Which means they must be engaging and relevant.

Our workshops are delivered as dedicated sessions for your team

They are research -based and provide relevant and contextualised learning. We make extensive use of activities and problem solving to keep participants engaged and to enhance the ability to apply what is learning to the workplace.

Leadership Workshops

Workshops to promote leadership growth and development (can be customised for new and experienced leaders, and can range from a single day through to an ongoing development program).

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Services & Solutions Brochure

Our Services and Solutions brochure is packed with information to share with your team, or to retain as a useful HR resource. It outlines why your workplace culture is critical, what Authenticity is, how to tell if your organisation is Authentic and how your organisation can become more Authentic. 

Workshops for Leaders, Teams and Individual Contributors

Do you want to take your leaders from good to great?

Authentic Leaders is all about developing leaders with empowering leadership styles, crystal clear self-knowledge, strong self-management, and strategies and skills to create a climate in which people thrive.

Is your team not quite performing to their potential?

Building Teams that collaborate, communicate, and inspire the best from each team member. Building teams takes teams on a journey of high performance, what this looks like and how it is achieved.

Do you have individual contributors that lack some interpersonal skills?

Authentic Contributors is about fostering individuals who are motivated, engaged, and focused, come to work to do and be their best and put the biggest picture before their individual needs.

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