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Conference Conversations [Podcast]

We’re back from our podcasting hiatus – so much has happened. Simon represented Australia at the World Triathlon Championships in Montreal, and then went on to San Francisco to finally (after the past two years of no international travel) got to spend some time with his son Nick (stay tuned for an upcoming podcast with Nick as a guest!).

Simon returned and Kirralea headed off on the “Voyage of Abandonment” (Simon’s words, not hers!) which was a ten week trip with her family to finally do the Western Australian caravan trip they had been planning for two years.

Now we are back and ready to produce some of the epic content we have recorded during this period of hiatus!

Two weeks ago we spent some time on the Gold Coast at the Australian Association of Practice Managers National Conference. Simon was a keynote speaker for their 650 delegates and his keynote Demystify and Transform Your Workplace Culture  was a hit! 

As a result we had some really great conversations with delegates with some really common themes which we thought would make a good podcast topic for all leaders, not just those in the medical field. We invited one of our Accredited Authenticity Partners, David Osman to join us as he was with us on the Gold Coast and has extensive experience in this field. 

Topics discussed in this episode: 

  • Addressing issues with your culture caused by staff v loosing staff when recruitment is so hard
  • Manager v Leader – if you aren’t leading, who is?
  • Normalising Authentic conversations in the workplace
  • Two Way feedback
  • Bringing everyone back together in a post covid world

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