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Leadership. Silicon Valley Style - with Nick Reynolds

Nick Reynolds is a Director of Engineering for Core Experiences @ Discord, a runner, a dog parent and a party animal (as described by him on his Discord profile!) 

Having worked throughout Silicon Valley (Facebook, Air BNB) giving him the experience to know about the culture within Silicon Valley tech giants as well as what good leadership looks like. 

In this episode we talk about: 

  • Podcast rebrand
  • 3:30 – The Good, The Bad and the WHAT THE
  • 14:10 – Words of Authenticity
  • 17:10 – Resource recommendation: Podcast – Max Gawn – The Comment That Changed Everything
  • 25:00 – Guest Introduction
  • 28:00 – Interview with Nick Reynolds
    • A little bit about Discord, who they are and what they do
    • His journey from Australia to Silicon Valley
    • The fork in the road – Individual Contributor and Leadership
    • Choosing leadership because you align with the role
    • Empowering people to make decisions and have ownership
    • Perceived Authority 
    • “Is this a one way decision”?
    • Remotely hired, and working during Covid
    • The culture differences in Silicon Valley
    • The way Discord articulate and live their values
  • 1:07:00 – Simon and Kirralea debrief interview
    • Discord and the first 60 days for employees
    • Leadership & Management structure @ Discord
    • Horizontal shifts from technical leader to people leader
    • Perceived Authority creating barriers for people to make decisions
    • “Is this a one way decision”
    • Framing a difficult conversation – the goal, the gap and the reality. 

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