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Podcast - Stand and Stare with John Hardy (CEO, RSL Tasmania)

Three weeks ago we asked our network if we had any leaders that would like to join us on the podcast – we have been blown away by the response! We are so excited to bring you the next few episodes where we speak to these leaders.

 The Good: Simon talks about a recent experience of Leadership he had in a local sporting environment he is a part of

The Bad: (8:00) This week we celebrated 30 years since Simon started The Real Learning Experience. Simon gives  us an insight into how The Real Learning Experience came about being created back in 1993.

The What: Kirralea shares a funny example she saw during the week where a council in Melbourne, Victoria Aus resurfaced a road that had a car parked on it – so went around the parked car.

Worth the Time: Simon has gone back for another episode on the Netflix series Live to Lead – Gloria Steinham.  

Words of Authenticity:   The conditions for growth. It is not possible for growth unless two things exists:
1. They must know that a gap exists and
2. They have to care about the gap
We discuss and unpack this quote that we often use in our workshops. 

Our Guest:  
Todays episode, we spoke with John Hardy, CEO RSL Tasmania was kindly nominated by his Ops Manager Jo.
John is the ultimate story teller, and takes us on his own leadership journey which started in the UK Military and has led him to now being CEO of RSL Tasmania, and living in his own slice of paradise near Hobart. His ability to always remember where he began and the challenges he has had throughout life leads him to be an incredibly grounded and insightful leader – and a bit of a character that we just loved listening to. There was very little interviewing in todays episode because John just told his story, and we listened and learned. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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