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Learning Sprints for Leaders – short, fast paced and free!
This is a series of complimentary, 20-minute webinars on the topics that leaders constantly ask us about. These webinars pack a punch! They are short, fast paced and free – saving you time and money! Each webinar includes specific strategies, tips and practical actions you can apply to implement what you learn. Our expert facilitators blend their experience in senior executive roles with years of working with leaders across the corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors – and the result is practical, actionable, and relevant learning.
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5/12/2023 @ 11am (AEST)

Strategies for Leaders dealing with passive aggressive behavior Leaders often grapple with the challenge of deciphering hidden meanings in communication, stemming from passive-aggressive behavior. This behavior can disrupt team cohesion, hinder effective collaboration, and impede progress. Our webinar provides invaluable insights and strategies to help leaders address these pain points, enabling them to transform tense situations into opportunities for growth and productive dialogue.

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30/8/2023 @ 11am – Giving Feedback that People Don't Want to Hear, 12/9/2023 @ 11am – Holding People Accountable When You Can't Afford to Lose Them, 10/10/2023 @11am – Elevate Your Leadership with Coaching Conversations, 9/11/2023 @ 11am – Giving Feedback that People Don't Want to Hear, 5/12/23 @ 11am – Strategies for Leaders dealing with passive aggressive behavior


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