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The Stylish Communicator

Relationships depend on communication, yet communication is consistently one of the main things people highlight as an issue in the workplace. Because we spend so much time with other people, building good relationships is an essential skill.

Think about your role in your organisation – do you:

  • Find some colleagues challenging to work with and find yourself wishing you knew simple strategies that address issues so that you connect more efficiently with people who communicate differently to you.
  • Wonder why it is so hard to develop respect and trust with some colleagues and know that this impacts relationships at work.
  • Wish that you could find ways to communicate with people who aren’t like you.

The Stylish Communicator will show you how to:

  • Showcase how personality differences can act as a barrier to communication.
  • Recognise that each individual’s perception of good communication is different.
  • Identify a preferred style for communication.
  • Identify the way differences in style can lead to conflict and communication issues.
  • Learn strategies to address those issues and connect more effectively with people with different styles.
  • Develop an action plan to work more effectively with a specific colleague.

We created The Stylish Communicator as the ideal self paced course for:

  • Emerging leaders who may not hold a formal leadership role but are passionate about working on their communication skills.
  • Current leaders who may feel that they have been thrown into the deep end and would like to develop some leadership skills.
  • Team members who would like to understand why they communicate the way they do, as well as the communication of others.

The Stylish Communicator is about communicating well (even when different personalities exist) to reduce interpersonal workplace or communicational issues while improving productivity.

The Stylish Communicator

Recognise that each individual's perception of good communication is different. Learn strategies to address those issues and connect more effectively with people with different styles.
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