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The Coaching Leader Workshop

As a leader, do you often think...

"I feel frustrated that people aren't developing as I'd expected the to by now"

"My team seem to have improved at first, but then they plateaued"

"I have noticed that people blame others for their mistakes instead of learning from them"

"At times, people can resist feedback and accountability and are settling for mediocrity or doing OK, instead of striving to be the best they can be"

We see you.

We know you've got excellent organisational skills and you are good at your job. Still, you're craving a healthy environment of accountability - in which poor performance is addressed and high performance is inspired.

The coaching leader will show you how to:

Connect with people and help them see how they can do better

Inspire team members and help them fulfil their potential

Ensure people have enough feedback and insight to be aware of their performance gaps, and then support them to close them.

Use more effective goal-setting strategies for yourself and also team members

Implement a framework that supports the leadership of managing poor performance and inspiring high performance

The coaching leader introduces effective coaching practices

that enhance leadership roles in your workplace. Participants quickly develop awareness, skills and confidence to navigate coaching conversations with strategies they can then apply immediately to their role within their organisations.

The Coaching Leader
Live online Workshop
$ 297 Per person
  • Wed 2nd August 2023 | 9am to 12pm
  • Easy online registration
  • Live interactive workshop
  • Strictly one participant per registration
  • Online workshop details and materials will be sent straight to your inbox (delivery via Zoom)