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Front page leadership #2 - [Omelettes and broken eggs] PODCAST

This format addresses topical subjects within the media that have a strong underlying and leadership message within. We take the headlines in the stories and we discuss and extract the leadership lessons to be learned for our listeners.

So this episode topic is again around cricket, and was recorded in early Feb 2022 when Justin Langer, Australian cricket coach resigned. Now, we don’t want to sound like these episodes are going to be always concentrating on cricket it is just that Cricket Australia has given us some great leadership lessons to be learnt over the summer, so we will take advantage of that where we can to take it and discuss the leadership topics that arise.

We have three key underlying topics we discussed in this episode: 

  1. Change is never going to be bruise free – and a leader to know they will be supported when people are upset by being held appropriately accountable. Boards and senior leadership can’t have it both ways  – we want change but you can’t upset anyone. If you can’t cope with broken eggs, don’t order omelettes.


  2. Middle managers are often caught in a bind of not agreeing with decisions but having to ‘toe the party line.’  As long as they are willing, and given the opportunity, to express those perspectives, robustly and honestly, being closed doors, that is the reality of not being the ultimate decision maker. You don’t always get your own way – it is not hypocritical to implement or support something you don’t agree with, especially where you were able to contribute to the decision process


  3. Lack of Courage in owning your decisions – don’t hide behind corporate speak or, worse, team members who weren’t responsible for the decisions. When you own the decision and the reason you made it, people might criticise you for your rationale but they can’t criticise your integrity, honesty and courage.

For those that are not cricket fans and wish to read articles that relate to this topic here are a couple:





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