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Podcast: Authenticity
Stop - Start - Continue - 2022

As the close of 2022 approaches, we encourage leaders to ask – Will you be a better leader in 2023 than you were in 2022? Great leaders are constantly improving through a process of reflection and planning. 
In this podcast episode, we share a simple framework – and unpack the reflection and planning process of four exceptional leaders we work with, as well as discussing our own plans to grow as leaders in 2023.

Episode outline: 

  • At the end of a year, people often make New Year’s resolutions – and the majority fail to stick to those resolutions for any meaningful time
  • That happens for a few reasons – they are made on a whim and often over a few too many drinks – but there are a couple of critical lessons for leaders who want to be an even better leader in 2022
  • The first is that many resolutions are made without doing any real reflection. Before looking forward, it is useful to look back and identify the connection between actions and outcomes
  • The second is that most resolutions are just statements of intent with no specific actions to support them
  • In this episode, we will be using a simple framework for reflecting on 2021 and setting some targets for 2022. It is called STOP-START-CONTINUE
  • We will hear submissions from four leaders we work with – and will unpack their reflection and planning with some specific tips
  • We will also share our own STOP-START-CONTINUE 
  • The aim is that we will inspire you to undertake a similar reflection and give you some tips to do it effectively
  • An overview of the framework
    • STOP – what did you do in 2021 that wasn’t helpful in achieving the leadership outcomes you wanted  (and that you will stop doing in 2022)
    • START – what new habit or action could you commence in 2022 that will help you become an even better leader
    • CONTINUE – what worked well for you as a leader in 2021, and that you will continue in 2022
  • As you identify actions, ask the question, ‘how will I do that?’ When that feels like a redundant question, you have probably been specific enough – you are looking for simple, repeatable actions

Our guests for todays episode that share their own Stop, Start and Continue are:

  1. David Osman – a facilitation partner and team member of TRLE
  2. Rashelle Leahy – our TRLE Marketing Manager – The Social Beaver
  3. Kathryn Keenihan –  Executive Manager People & Culture – Junction
  4. Jo Preece – National Training Manager, R & J Batteries
  5. Brett Baillie – Chief Operations Officer, Resvu

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