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Lessons about leaders burning out from the Hawthorn Football Club saga.


Leaders navigating difficult conversations.

How do you navigate difficult conversations as a leader while maintaining your integrity and character? This episode of Front Page Leadership shines a light on the personal toll leadership can take, as we discuss the recent resignation of Hawthorn Football Club CEO Justin Reeves and the challenges leaders face when making tough decisions. We emphasise the importance of being a leader with integrity, good intentions, strong values, and a focus on caring for people, all while understanding that not everyone will agree with your decisions.

Challenges leaders face.

Through personal anecdotes and stories, we explore the necessity of having a respectful relationship between managers and team members, and how crucial it is to separate the decision from the character of the leader who made it. We share strategies and skills needed to make difficult decisions and take a stand without feeling the need to please everyone. Join us for this insightful conversation about the challenges leaders face and how to navigate them with courage and integrity, and learn how to communicate your decisions in a way you can be proud of.

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