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If not you, then who?

Leadership lessons

Is it possible to lead with vulnerability and authenticity while maintaining a strong, commercial approach? Our guest, Alison Gill, CEO of Brave Hearts, says “Yes.” Transitioning from the media sector to a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing and treating child sexual abuse, Alison takes us through her remarkable journey. From discussing her initial caution approaching such a sensitive subject to how the words of her daughter sparked her determination, Alison’s story is as inspiring as it is insightful.

Navigating the for-purpose space entails a different energy and dynamic compared to the corporate world. Alison opens up about the unique challenges and rewards of working in this sector. She sheds light on the implementation of KPIs and scorecards to evaluate performance based on skill rather than just devotion. Alison’s take on how purpose has shifted the focus from EBITDA will leave you pondering. 

Leadership, at its core, is about collaboration and authenticity. There’s no room for silos when your mission is to make a difference. We discuss the importance of active listening, managing a remote workforce, and the art of balancing a commercial head with a people heart. Alison’s experiences and insights remind us that it’s not just about being acknowledged for our work, but recognizing that when we partner with others, we can achieve more. Tune in for an episode filled with valuable leadership lessons, and discover how vulnerability and authenticity can transform the way we lead.

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